A Glimpse of my Childhood

by Melissa on December 26, 2011

I don’t make enough trips to Virginia. I’m not sure if it’s because of the 6.5 hour car drive or the lack of things to do in the small town, but I only make the trip up north once a year – twice if I’m lucky.

I’m never in town long enough to really slow down and take in the small town feel, because the moment I start feeling relaxed and my mind starts to take it easy, it’s time to head back down to the “big” city again.

I’m going to miss driving around at 25mph, cooking with my dad and not keeping track of what time it is and where I need to be.

The little brick building below used to be a piano/music school, where I took my first piano classes.

And this is what used to be my parents’ restaurant. They started renting the building out to another Chinese restaurant business, which recently went bankrupt (horrible people, by the way), so now we’re remodeling the building – hopefully will be ready to be rented out again sometime next year.

More on family business and food tomorrow!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend!

For a few more photos of the town and a quick (I promise!) history lesson on Radford, visit my photography blog.

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